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  1. Rich Media Collaboration: What You Need To Know

    As the workplace becomes more and more global, and software and hardware tools leveraging the internet’s power increasingly make the ways we communicate in this global environment more readily accessible and cost-effective, the changes in the means of business communication is becoming clear. Did you know that now 62% of all employees working today regularly […]

  2. Business analysis techniques for strategic planning

    Analyzing a business in order to improve its overall strategy is like looking at time itself through three different lenses. All viewpoints require different lenses, but each view is needed in order to reveal just exactly what needs to change, why it needs to change, and how. To look at a business’s past, you need […]

  3. Somali Translation: What you need to know

    In Green Bay, Wisconsin, a Somali man fluent in both English and Somali talks with police about recent community education efforts to improve cultural understanding between authorities and his people, who have been migrating there since 1995. A teacher raises the question of Somali language instruction for government and state employees, where in Memphis, Tennessee, […]

  4. Egyptian Arabic: An Overview

    “Inta kwayis?” (Are you well?) the Englishman says as he steps into a taxi cab in Cairo.  The surprised driver responds positively, “Hamdu` Allah” (Praise be to Allah) to the man’s initiation to practice his Egyptian Arabic, amidst honking horns and oncoming traffic. That phrase — “Hamdu` Allah” — is an often-spoken phrase in Egypt […]

  5. Lean Six Sigma: What Exactly Is it, And Do I Really Need It?

    Lean Six Sigma. Sounds like some sort of sci-fi secret code, doesn’t it? But what is it really? Major companies in the aerospace, information technology and healthcare sectors are implementing it. Ohio’s Job and Family services department have been looking for a way to improve efficiency and overall performance, and they have chosen the Lean […]

  6. Telepresence: Is It Right For Your Company?

    While the concept of telepresence has been around since the late 80’s and early 90’s, the technology to bring voice, video, and visual collaboration all together to truly realize the vision of telepresence has only recently come to pass. The word telepresence is often referred to as immersive videoconferencing, meaning that the images and audio […]

  7. Afghanistan’s Ethnic Groups: An Overview

    This coming December will mark the ten-year anniversary of two milestones for the people of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan: The Taliban government was dissolved, and the new government under Hamid Karzai was formed. And yet, since the end of the 2nd Afghan Civil War in 1996, a loose consortium of groups — the Taliban’s […]

  8. Ten Principles of Effective Facilitation

    Begin by Knowing Nothing. Begin with the stance that you know less than the group knows; even about group process. This is very hard for both new consultants who have to prove themselves or experienced consultants who want to show off their expertise. Know the Desired Outcome and How You Plan to Get There, but […]