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iStock_000012513307XSmallKBMS Global offers IT support for government entities requiring secure network KBMS Global offers IT support for government and commercial entities requiring secure network communications, simulation and modeling software support, and data mining for intelligence gathering. Our IT consultants have significant experience planning and managing enterprise-wide information management software selection and implementation. KBMS technology project teams defy statistics and consistently deliver solutions which successfully deliver on the technology promise—the integration of all facets of the business, including planning, finance, human resources, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. KBMS project teams have an unusually successful track record implementing both custom and off-the-shelf packaged solutions supporting wireless communications, supply chain logistics, CRM, and all back office functions. We make promises we can keep and our clients get the results they paid for.

The KBMS team has had extensive experience in evaluating, planning and executing IT system conversions. Whether the client has requested a defined system conversion, or is looking for guidance in upgrading a legacy system, KBMS has the experience to provide clients with a timely and effective solution to their IT requirements. We have facilitated system conversions for fortune 100 companies and smaller companies alike, meeting all of the client’s requirements on schedule. Cross-platform conversions are accomplished using data conversion aids for porting user data between systems, saving hours or days of arduous data entry, and ensuring the accuracy of data on the new system. Utilizing automated data conversion tools often makes a crucial difference when attempting to meet short weekend cutover deadlines.

For emerging nations lacking basic telecommunications infrastructure and are of strategic importance to the United States, KBMS Global can quickly procure secure wireless circuits for the transport of video, voice and data communications between local government entities. Additionally, we offer on-site support, training, and documentation to our customers in the languages and dialects of the host country. We offer customers a broad range of IT solutions, all easily accessible across the secure wireless WAN.

Whether planning and implementing an accounting system for the first time, or converting a legacy system to the latest release of MS Navision, KBMS consultants can help your company make the transition in the shortest time possible with the least manual data entry.


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