Linguist and Translation Services


With access to linguists and translators for virtually every language and many dialects, KBMS Global is poised to respond to the needs and requirements of the US Armed Forces as well as other federal and state government agencies. Many of our linguists have clearances; all are highly rated professionals and either native or near native speaking.

  • Monitoring, recording, translating, transcribing, and synopsizing content of real-time oral communications intercepts.
  • Transcribing from storage media, including but not limited to audio cassettes, video cassettes or digital media and typing in both the required foreign language and English.
  • Preparing typed English translations from other source media.
  • Performing quality control reviews of completed work.
  • Validating the accuracy of completed translations and transcriptions.
  • Appearing in court when subpoenaed to testify.
  • Interpreting oral conversations, concurrently/simultaneously.

Our specialized teams provide language services for legal, business, medical, technical, multimedia, and various other forms of communication. These services can be performed on-site, one-on-one settings, seminars, litigation proceedings, briefings, training, and other forms of communication as required. Our full line of language services are available world-wide and include:

  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
  • Escort interpretation
  • On-site interpretation (conference, meetings, interviews, lecturers, etc.)
  • Informal and formal conversation interpretation
  • All styles of speech
  • Non-standard dialect and slang
  • Difficult and abstract speech
  • Professional and social conversations
  • Multi-lingual interpretation
  • Native lingual translation
  • Technical and non-technical material
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Glossary and manual production
  • Role Playing