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iStock_000018895447XSmallKBMS Global Consultants are leaders in business process reengineering, strategic planning and enterprise-wide systems implementations. Our best practice methods ensure that business needs drive the decisions for organization changes. Our proven, customer-centric collaborative approach was first documented in Business Reengineering: The Survival Guide, co-authored by KBMS Consultants, Dorine Andrews and Susan Stalick. Published by Prentice-Hall, it provides a framework for creative, easy-to-follow data-driven decision making. Our approach structures the process of defining organizational metrics and changing corporate culture, as well as, defining and integrating changes to leadership and management, process, technology, people and organizational structure.

KBMS Global’s Lean Consulting™ approach combined with strict adherence to its performance-driven project management methodology allows us to operate in the most complex environments. With just two to three consultants we have successfully led enterprise wide reengineering and change management projects. The KBMS Global Consulting team includes experienced professionals capable of analyzing the environment and rapidly implementing a solution that leverages existing organizational assets. Using our guided approach to change, we focus the organization on its future. We tap into the organization’s knowledge and guide the creation of an organizational system that is adaptive to change. Our Lean Consulting™ approach involves all stakeholders in the transformation process. In addition to producing actionable deliverables, stakeholder teams quickly learn to achieve consensus, make quality decisions, model new behaviors and new ways of thinking, and confront and manage the political and cultural issues that can easily derail any change effort. Members of these teams then become the change agents who will seed and lead the changes to be implemented throughout the organization.
KBMS Global Consulting excels at discovering simple ways to achieve extraordinary outcomes in complex environments.

Business Process Consulting

Intense competition, economic forces, and technology innovations are a few of the reasons pressuring organizations to constantly look for innovative ways to; maximize their resources, eliminate unnecessary costs and expand revenue opportunities. Only agile organizations able to rapidly implement and sustain more effective ways of doing business will survive. Using KBMS Global’s holistic approach to business and technology transformation, both private and public sector clients gain operational efficiencies, fiscal soundness, an energized workforce, and a greater adaptive capacity to seize market differentiating challenges.

KBMS Global project teams approach business process design and management strategically and systemically, collaboratively cascading change throughout all dimensions of the organization: people, process, technology, structure, and culture. As facilitators and change catalysts, we engage the entire organization, building commitment to, accountability for, and excitement with the strategy and change process. Our goal: get results quickly and early in the process while building the foundation required for sustainable change.

Success Story: Faced with a changing market place, declining sales and margins, and increased costs of doing business, this company had months to turn itself around. Facilitated by KBMS consultants, a cross-organizational team of executives and managers created a new business vision and strategy, defined their short-term goals, and developed a blueprint and implementation plan for reinventing the business. The team of executives and managers selected and funded strategic initiatives and analyzed the performance of current processes and infrastructure components to identify improvements required to achieve the goals. As a result of significant changes in organization structure, technology, and business processes, both revenue and earnings have improved.


Strategic Planning

KBMS Global project teams have years of experience guiding organizations from the public, private and not-for profit sectors to establish or redefine their strategic direction. Using high structured data-driven methods we collaborate closely with Executive teams to get them to understand the lessons from the past, imagine the possibilities of the future, and create concrete, tangible plans to get there. KBMS project teams have expertise in a wide variety of industries and government agencies and understand the issues and barriers to successful planning. They are skilled facilitators, analysts, and futurists. Strategic planning with KBMS Global is not a conceptual exercise but a means to achieving sustainability, leapfrogging the competition, or increasing the value of corporate assets. The results are concrete plans for moving forward, right down to timelines and task assignments.


Project Management

In addition to using projects for development of products and services, firms are increasingly using projects for organization- or “enterprise”-wide initiatives. According to a recent study, 71 percent of all software development projects result in failure. Project and organizational goals are often not achieved; there are cost overruns, schedule delays, and/or stakeholder dissatisfaction or apathy. These failures can threaten the ability of organizations to survive and prosper.

In response to this increasing demand for project management expertise, KBMS Global offers a variety of Project management services to its clients. These services are often delivered in support of a significant change effort that requires the development or improvement of an organization’s project management capabilities. Using collaborative techniques and our knowledge transfer process, KBMS works closely with its clients to develop a project management methodology, implement project management principles and critical infrastructure within the organization, and transfer project management skills to key personnel. The results—organization support and adherence to project management principles and well-defined projects completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of internal and external clients.

Training & Development

KBMS Global project teams design, develop and deliver training programs covering a wide array of skills and knowledge, including user training on new and upgraded systems, project management, business process reengineering, facilitation, lean six sigma, sales, management,  leadership, and many others. Using ADDIE, the American Society for Training and Development’s instructional systems design methodology, KBMS Global can design effective training in virtually any subject area delivered via almost any media, from traditional classroom to distance delivery via satellite communications. KBMS Global specializes in developing customized training that meets the specific requirements of the learners and the culture in which they must function.

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